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    Is Vibe HCM going out of business?

    Vibe HCM completed business in June 2022 and is no longer available. You can find o... View profile

Founded in 1996, HR technology vendor Vibe HCM operate out of three offices in the US and one in Canada.

Vibe HCM bills itself as a ‘best of both worlds’ HCM system, which combines transaction and compliance features with a social engagement platform.

Vibe HCM understands transactions, record keeping, and the back-office. Their specialty is creating easy-to-use HR technology that is meant to be used and valued by all employees. Vibe HCM have been doing this for over 20 years, and work with some of the most innovative, recognized brands on the planet as we set a new standard in the marketplace for HCM systems. Users of their HR software include California Pizza Kitchen, DeVry Education Group and Zions Bank.

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