Three sessions to catch at HR Tech World 2017

This month’s HR Tech World conference in Amsterdam is set to be an absolute goldmine of thought leadership

Yet with a stellar speaker line-up, an extensive expo floor and a startup competition that promises to showcase HR tech’s brightest and best future prospects, it’s often hard to know where to start.

So, whilst avoiding picking out anything super obvious (yes, you should absolutely go and listen to Arianna Huffington, we shouldn’t have to tell you to do this), here are three sessions we think will entertain, inform and delight punters in a few weeks’ time.

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Professor Nick Bostrom

AI has been a controversial topic of late, with everyone from Mark Zuckerberg to Elon Musk weighing in on how it will impact society, and whether - overall - it will enhance or destabilize human existence.

Yet if anyone is worth listening to on the topic, it’s Oxford professor Nick Bostrom. As director of the both the Strategic Artificial Intelligence Research Centre and the (slightly apocalyptically named) Future of Humanity Institute, his research centers around AI policymaking and its potential impact on the world as we know it.

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His talk on ‘the future of machine intelligence’ looks set to draw from recent research surrounding machine superintelligence and what to consider when drawing up policies for this. A fascinating topic on its own - and essential listening for any HR professionals getting to grips with the looming issue of workforce automation in their industry.

Dr Daniel Thorniley

Another not-to-be-missed examination of AI and its potential to transform the way we work, this time from leading global economist Dr Daniel Thorniley.

Dr Thorniley is a well-known specialist in emerging global markets, investments and human resources, so expect several, nuanced perspectives on the question of ‘the end of work as we know it’, and a more in-depth look at whether the robots are ‘coming to get you’ than the exclamatory title perhaps suggests.  

As co-founder of advisory consultancy CEEMEA Business Group and president of DT-Global Business Consulting, Dr Thorniley will no doubt have plenty of real-world experience to add to his impressive academic commitment to the topic. He’s previously impressed IBM, GlaxoSmithKline and ex Prime Minister John Major with his insight and speaking ability - catch him while you have the opportunity.

Panel: Urška Sršen and Ida Tin

Greater female representation across STEM subjects and industries has been a growing talking point recently (and it’s about time too). ‘Breaking tech’s glass ceiling’ looks set to provide an engaging look at the subject through viewpoints from panelists Urška Sršen (Co-Founder & CPO, Bellabeat) and Ida Tin (Founder & CEO, Clue).

As 21st century “femtech” entrepreneurs who have navigated founding and funding their own companies, Sršen and Tin look set to offer up-to-the-minute commentary, and perhaps share some of their own experiences in dealing with and overcoming tech’s glass ceiling.

Both companies operate in the health technology space - Bellabeat provide ‘smart jewelry’ wellness trackers for women, whilst Clue is a period and fertility tracking tool for use on smartphones - so the panel will provide additional interest to anyone in the health IT sphere. It certainly isn’t limited to this sphere though, and anyone invested in workplace gender equality will find plenty of food for thought here.

HR Tech World takes place on 24th-25th October at the Rai, Amsterdam. Tickets are available here.

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