HR Tech Europe 2014 Review: Day Two

As HR Tech Europe 2014 closes its doors, on what has been a thoroughly insightful conference, we thought we would put together a quick review of the day’s activities so you can relive or catch-up on the most significant events of the day.

Talk of the Day #1 - The Future of Work in the Digital Era - The Impact of Massive Transparency

On day two of HR Tech Europe, two talks stood out. Unsurprisingly, these talks were the two keynote speeches. Ray Wang discussed “The Future of Work in the Digital Era” and Gary Hamel discussed “Management 2.0: Business Strategy for the 21st Century Organization”. In the end, we could not complete this review without discussing both, but we’re sure you won’t mind.

Ray Wang opened day two at HR Tech Europe 2014 by discussing the impact the digital era is having on HR and it’s position in the organization. The talk focussed on the concept that digital transformation is creating massive winners and losers in a short timeframe - backed up by the fact that 52% of Fortune 500 firms since 2000 no longer exist.

Ray implored businesses and HR in particular to dispel the notion that the workforce can be grouped by age - millennials, baby-boomers etc. Instead, businesses should be analyzing their workforces digital proficiency to identify those “digital artisans” who can facilitate a shift to a digital-focussed culture in which experiences and outcomes are key to a brand.

Here are some more highlights from the talk:

Talk of the Day #2 - Management 2.0: Business Strategy for the 21st Century Organization

Our second talk of the day came from Gary Hamel, who discussed the concept of “Management 2.0” and how business strategies need to change in the 21st century.

The talk began by discussing the 20th century method of management and its bureaucratic roots. These management techniques were derived to excise irregularity and to provide efficiency at scale but are now unsuitable in the rapidly changing digital era due to “bureaucratic drag”. This drag, he suggested, is why we have seen the decline of the so called old-timers, or as Gary put it, “the incumbents”.

Developing from this idea that bureaucracy is no longer fit for purpose as a management technique, Gary explained “we need to create organizations that are as fully capable as the individuals who work for them”. The goal of this philosophy? To unleash the initiative, imagination and passion that you employees may have been holding back.

For more from the talk, check out the tweets below:

Trend of the Day

Following on from the ideas discussed by Gary Hamel and Ray Wang, our highlighted trend of the day is workforce self-determination. Whether it is the removal of management structures and job titles in case studies mentioned by Gary, or the release from age-related shackles that Ray explained were holding back digital transformation, what is clear is that our workforce has to be trusted and collaborative in order to keep up with market changes - whether these are digital, management or technology-based.

Quote of the Day

Stat of the Day

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