HR Tech Europe London 2015 - Day One

Today, the world of HR has been dominated by one subject, HR technology, all thanks to HR Tech Europe’s London 2015 Conference. With so much happening in such a short space of time we thought a little summary might help you digest the events of today ready for it all to start again tomorrow, that’s right folks, it’s a two day conference, here is a round-up of day one.

Speaker of the Day

Setting a high standard from the start was Peter Hinssen with the opening Keynote talk on “Why the Network Always Wins”

Hinssen offered his insightful views on modern technology, focussing on the technology used by millennials and a look back to technology in the 80’s (including a salute to Back to the Future!). Hinssen also covered a Smörgåsbord of HR-relevant themes including company structure, hierarchy and moving HR from static to fluid processes.Much to the delight of Twitter...

He even managed to finish with a joke, always one to please the crowd.

Notable mentions

Perry Timms offered an insightful and amusing look at millennials in the workplace with his talk on the “Millennial Mindset”

Mervyn Dinnen also got the opportunity to express his thoughts on social media, employer branding and how the two impact each other.

Around the Convention

The wonderful city of London has played a great host as have the event organisers HR Tech Europe, lets hope for the same again tomorrow. Here is a selection of events from the day:

It all starts again tomorrow when day two of the conference resumes, aiming to address the strengths and limitations of HR and HR technology.

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