HR Tech Europe 2014 Review: Day One

As quickly as it came around, day one of HR Tech Europe is over. With so much to digest (including some delicious dutch pastries), we thought we would put together a quick review of the day’s activities so you can relive or catch-up on the most significant events of the day.

Talk of the Day - Talking Heads 2014

With so many great talks taking place on day one of HR Tech Europe, the choice of “Talk of the Day” was incredibly tough. In the end, we came to the conclusion that this year’s Talking Heads discussion came out on top.

The panel included representation from Oracle, SAP and Workday as well as many renowned analysts - as moderator Jason Averbook says, “The seven most powerful people in the HR technology space”.

On the slate for discussion where a variety of topics, from HR system upgrades, to the product roadmaps of each vendor present. Check out some of the highlights below.

What was refreshing about this talk was the way in which the panel called out each other whenever they hinted at hyperbole. It made discussions on vendor shortcomings and collaboration much more dynamic and honest which can only be good for the audience.

Trend of the Day - Vendor Cooperation

Building on our selection for “Talk of the Day”, day one’s most prominent trend was the potential for vendor co-operation in the market. Whether it is the point solutions in DisruptHR who are in partnership with established HR application suite vendors, or Thomas Otter of SAP stating that he would actively recommend another solution if he knew SAP could not provide for the client in that area, HR Tech Europe has seen vendors and technologies coming together in mutually beneficial cooperation to the benefit of the user.

Quote of the Day

Stat of the Day

More to follow…..

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