How to maximize HRMS user engagement with interactive kiosks

There has been an ever increasing shift from HR departments continuing to invest in task related, administrative work to employee self service offerings through an HRMS portal. This has been an exciting change, and there are definitely HR tasks that your employees would rather do themselves, but the challenge companies are running into time and time again is how to connect your workforce who are not stationed at a computer throughout day.

What to look for in an interactive kiosk

The best way to ensure everyone in your workforce has access to employee self service technology is through the use of interactive computer kiosks.

Interactive computer kiosks are commercial grade, touch screen, secure portals through which your employees connect to their HR accounts. These machines are meant for heavy, constant use and because of this you can place them anywhere from the busy factory floor to the breakroom.

When deciding to invest in interactive computer kiosks, it is important to make sure that you are maximizing your HRMS investment through employee self service modules and the use of interactive kiosk options.

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If you need a way for employees to send paperwork to the home office, you should consider adding a flatbed scanner with software. The scanner with the software work together to encrypt, and send, the confidential information securely. If you want your employees to access forms from the HR portal and print them out, adding a thermal printer with printing software makes this quick and easy. Since your employees are printing directly from the interactive kiosk, the printouts go straight into their hands and not to a remote printer. This guarantees that the person printing the information is the person handing the information. If your employees often have questions for your HR department, including a VOIP phone that dials directly to the HR department is a solution to include. Customizing your interactive kiosks will optimize the value they, and your HRMS, bring to your organization.

Beyond core HRMS functions

Although the benefits of an interactive computer kiosk are clear when partnered with your HRMS, the functionality of interactive kiosks goes far beyond employee self service in the task-based, administrative sense. While access to the HR portal for updating personal information, requesting time off, or switching healthcare benefits can be done quickly and easily, you can use interactive kiosks for so much more.

Add a biometric palm scanner and integrate this with your time clock system to prevent time fraud. Provide access to specific websites that you want employees to visit and lock those down to ensure restricted access. Share company communications through your company’s intranet. In case of an emergency, with the click of a button, instantly access and print MSDS which could save a life.

Maximizing your HRMS investment, while making certain to remain an inclusive, time and cost savings organization, can therefore be easily done through the force multiplier of interactive kiosks.

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Nancy Deol is the marketing manager at Advanced Kiosks, an interactive self-service technology company. You can find her guest posts on New Hampshire Business Review and the LastPass Blog. She believes that when you partner quality kiosk hardware with HRMS software amazing things happen.

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Nancy Deol

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