5 HRMS Support Questions to Ask Your Vendor

The best HRMS software (and the best HRMS software purchasing decision) can be undermined by inadequate aftercare and support services. After all, it’s new, you’re bound to hit a wall sooner or later and when you do, you need someone to help you out. Usually you need that help immediately – when you can’t figure out the analytics dashboard and the board are waiting for your report, you don’t have time to sit in a queue (“Thank you for holding, your call is very important to us.”)

HRMS Support Question #1: What Is Your Standard Support Package?

This is a question to establish the baseline HRMS support provision – basically what comes with the package and what will you have to pay extra for? In an ideal world, you should be entitled to expect access to live, real-time support via email, phone and/or instant messaging; plus a set of (usually online) FAQs and tutorials. 24/7 support that covers public holidays may cost extra. A follow-up question would be: how long after the purchase/implementation does the support remain available?

HRMS Support Question #2: What Measures Are You Prepared to Sign up To?

As with any service, you will want to evaluate its effectiveness. To do so with any degree of rigor (and to avoid potential arguments at a later date) it’s worth agreeing a set of agreed service level measures or indicators that cover time to resolution of problems, responsiveness, and so on.

HRMS Support Question #3: Who Provides the Support?

The HRMS support team may not be part of the vendor’s team or organization. Developers and implementers aren’t always the best supporters and some vendor’s partner up with a third party support service. This isn’t necessarily a problem but you will want to reassure yourself as to the support service’s expertise and knowledge levels.

HRMS Support Question #4: Is There a Two-Tier Support Service?

Sometimes vendors operate a standard and a premium service (naturally the premium costs extra). Or the two tiers may be pre- and post-sale and any queries before you buy are met with a more rapid response then the service shifts to a lower gear once you’ve signed on the dotted line. Confirm the regular service number and then conduct a few ‘mystery shopper’ calls to check on response times and level of service.

HRMS Support Question #5: How Is Consultancy Support Evaluated?

A vendor may provide consultancy support (including project management) for the HRMS implementation process. You should be clear on exactly what that support is intended to provide and achieve and then agree some measurable targets that can be reviewed objectively – clarity is key.

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