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ASL Consulting provide HR Director, a flexible web-based HRMS which can be adapted to a wide range of specialties. This allows it to cater for a diverse range of organizations and industries, with clients ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 corporations across public and private sectors.

Solutions vary by industry and size of organization. HR Director is customizable, with companies able to select which modules from a comprehensive list of HR functions they require. These include talent management, payroll, HR analytics and compensation and performance management.

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HR Director focuses on user-friendliness and accessibility across a broad user base. The use of open systems and industry-standard computing produces flexible tools for managing and extending business applications. A browser-based reporting tool can create customized reports without the need for advanced IT skills, whilst the software’s multi-level security system can control access to these depending on authorization level.

The software is cloud-based and thus accessed through a web browser rather than through individual PC installations, and employees can also access HR Director from smartphones and tablets. The software has a focus on real-time management reporting and analysis, and ASL provides support from the planning and implementation stages through to client training, system customization and deployment.

ASL was founded in 1989 as an engineering and management consultancy. It is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and provides flexible HRM solutions to companies across a wide range of sectors.

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