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Florida-based Ultimate Software provides cloud HRMS solutions through the company’s range of UltiPro systems. For businesses with more than 1,000 employees, Ultimate Software offers UltiPro Enterprise - a comprehensive people management cloud solution. For mid-sized companies with between 250 and 1,000 employees, UltiPro Workplace HRMS provides a SaaS end-to-end HR, payroll, and talent management. Alongside solutions for U.S businesses, Ultimate Software offer Canadian businesses an HRMS solution through UltiPro Canada.

Ultimate Software has been certified as a green business by the Institute for Green Business Certification due to their work in areas such as waste reduction, recycling, reduction in office material usage, purchasing, and energy savings. This green company culture ties in with the companies aims to help other businesses reduce paper waste through HRMS implementation.

Customer support for the UltiPro HRMS range is provided by 24-hour telephone and online support from account representatives and experts. Knowledge resources such as white paper and online training courses are also available.

Ultimate Software has provided HRMS solutions for more than 2,500 customers with employees in 136 countries. These clients include software company Adobe Systems Incorporated, The Major League Baseball (MLB), insurance provider Amica, and restaurant franchise Subway.

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