Top 3 Talent Management Software Trends for 2015

One thing is sure in 2015, the ‘war for talent’ will continue (although hopefully not the ‘war on talent’ as it has been called elsewhere!) Given that talent management software can be the biggest enabler of a talent strategy, what are the trending issues tech-wise in 2015?

2015 Talent Management Software Trend #1 – Be a Culture Change Agent

Employer review site, Glassdoor was at the HR Tech Europe 2014 trade fair in Amsterdam this year. One stand-out statement was that 77% of applicants see company culture as being just as important as salary when it comes to judging an employer. Now, corporate culture (or “the way we do things around here”) is a product of many individual factors, and is partly driven/created by the enablers and barriers to communication in an organisation. In other words, to be a little over-simplistic, if there are tools available that encourage sharing and collaboration, then you’re a big step closer to a sharing and collaborative company culture


So, how will your HRMS be contributing to your corporate culture in 2015? Does it enable and encourage easy communication or is it closed and – dare we say it – dictatorial? Equally to the point, what corporate culture do you have/want in your organisation? And does your HRMS’s functionality assist with that or get in the way? If there’s a mismatch then that could be a big HRMS-related challenge for the coming year.

2015 Talent Management Software Trend #2 – No Software is an Island

The 17th annual Sierra-Cedar HR Systems Survey 2014-15 introduces the concept of the “Quantified Organization”; a high-performing company that utilises data and information to a high degree. One of the features of a Quantified Organization is that it is more likely to be using an integrated talent management solution as part of the HRMS. The integration comes from the ease of combining talent data that the information in the organisation’s workforce management and other business intelligence solutions which in turn enables a higher level of workforce optimisation in terms of data-driven deployment, response to change, and planning for short- and long-term scenarios.

2015 Talent Management Software Trend #3 – Better use of Talent Acquisition Data

The first step in talent management process is attracting that talent in the first place and the likelihood in 2015 (or the opportunity, at least) is that recruiters will be using the available data to fine-tune and hone their processes and systems, from applicant tracking to career development analysis to link the overview of the hiring process with the longer term talent strategy. Much of this fine-tuning will be about focusing in on niche recruitment activities, targeting specialised and specific candidate groups. What’s more, better quality (and better utilised) data during the recruitment process means a firmer data foundation is already in place to manage the successful candidate(s) once in post…

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Dave has worked as HR Manager for the Ministry of Justice for a number of years, he now writes on a broad range of topics including jazz music, and, of course, the HRMS software market.

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