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In a recent article, we mentioned that when it comes to HR technology, 2016 will be the ‘Year of the App’. It seems only fair, having teased you with that snippet of crystal ball-gazing, to go further and give an overview of the mobile app offerings from the A, B, C of the current bigmarket players. So, without further ado…

1. ADP

Tech-wise, ADP do it all – payroll, tax, HR, time and attendance, benefits – and they do it for businesses of all sizes, from the micro-business with five people to the multinational with 50,000. No surprise that they were one of the first to dip a toe in the mobile waters and even less surprise that the ADP HRMs mobile app is a mature and feature-rich product.

For employees, ‘ADP Mobile Solutions’ offer the option of online access to pay statements including net and gross pay, deductions and direct deposits. Depending on what other ADP products are in use, the mobile app can also be used to clock in and out, update and submit time sheets, and request time off. Benefits enrollment and elections can also be carried out, along with checking FSA balances and retirement account balances.

Additional management functions include access to team calendars, profiles and timesheets, and various time and attendance metrics to carry out basic day to day supervisory activities.

Averaging 3.9 stars out of 5 on Google Play, common review comments include, “Good, fast and simple”, and “Very good when you’re on the go”; however, it’s worth noting that some users have experienced login problems.

Another plus is that ADP also provide standard internal communications materials to help clients market the app to their workforce.

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2. BambooHR

Rather enticingly, BambooHR’s strapline is, “The only HR software you need. BambooHR is like having your own fleet of Pandas to do all of the work for you.” I’m not sure what HR pandas might be, but at the least it suggests a provider with a touch of humour (we all need that in HR!).

The mobile HRMS app offers calendar and time management functionality, offering a personal dashboard with current leave balances and allowing employees to request time off (and allowing managers to approve it or not). The other key feature is access to the company directory, which will mainly be of value to larger corporate clients with a substantial workforce.

The Google Play score is 3.7 stars and comments are somewhat mixed, ranging from, “This app is surprisingly awesome and clean,” to, “Can’t login, no info anywhere.” Again, what negative comments there exist are almost all related to login difficulties, which may depend on the model of phone being used (which admittedly in these days of BYOD, you may have little control over).

3. CezanneHR

Cezanne focuses on providing HR software to SMEs and their mobile HRMS app is a version of their popular OnDemand system. The key features are self-service related, allowing workers to check a team calendar for booked absences, submit time off requests (and allow managers to approve or decline such requests), or check basic contact details for colleagues. There’s also some to-do list functionality, showing users their ‘pending tasks’.

With 4.1 stars on Google Play there are only 32 reviews in total but more than half are 5-star ratings. What’s evident from the review section is that CezanneHR are very hot on responding to (and addressing) less than positive comments – one 5-star comment sums it up: “App is perfect! Had a few issues to begin with but the company fixed this ASAP!”

*Google Play Store star ratings were correct at the time of article posting

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