HRMS Social Collaboration: In Your Face Interfaces

Hopefully we are seeing the death knell of the unhealthily competitive workforce. An end to “what’s in it for me?” thinking and the emergence of true collaborative working. Wouldn’t that be nice? Well, the current HR trend for HRMS social collaboration technology is certainly pushing workplace evolution in that direction. More and more, organisations are implementing HRMS software that helps them to break down departmental and inter-team barriers through quicker, intuitive and more agile communications channels. But what will your people see in your newly-installed social HRMS wonderware? What sort of interface features and user experience awaits your workforce?

Firstly, your collaborators may be logging in and using custom dashboards to connect with their colleagues and customers. Some vendors are already offering fully configurable personal homepages through which the employee can access information and documents and share and interact with their socially-minded colleagues. Conversations and commentaries are organized in project- or task-oriented groups that make use and engagement easier.

A Free, Conversational Flow

When it comes to cross-team projects, the system of record is likely to include all activities and be updated in real-time for all users. Different to traditional IT-based communications, HRMS social collaboration gives a free, conversational flow to the proceedings that facilitates better interaction and genuine teamwork.

Whether it’s the individual’s own HR data, a marketing message, an entire directory or a catalogue, content management tools usually allow for updating and where appropriate, development in a shared space – true collaboration that produces blogs, wiki pages, or just documents and spreadsheets that are held and stored in the cloud; easily accessed, easily updated. Version control is managed to incorporate all authorized changes in real time and multiple versions are avoided.

HRMS social collaboration gives a free, conversational flow to the proceedings that facilitates better interaction and genuine teamwork

As social networking and collaboration permeate all corporate technology and cross the boundary into the customer realm, that same dashboard allows each employee to link or interface with other business systems such as ERP and CRM.

With an eye on the future, just as HRMS social collaboration is blurring the once clear lines between roles and teams, so the same philosophy and technology is likely to do away with the distinction between different systems and applications. Rather than separate-but-interfaced acronyms like HRMS, CRM and ERP, businesses will have a single system, with customized access for each employee according to their needs, via their personal dashboard.

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Dave Foxall

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Dave has worked as HR Manager for the Ministry of Justice for a number of years, he now writes on a broad range of topics including jazz music, and, of course, the HRMS software market.

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Dave Foxall

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