5 ways HRMS can boost employee engagement

Employee engagement isn’t just about employees being happy at work, it’s about having employees that are committed and excited to contribute ideas and work together with team members to accomplish a mission.

According to a Gallup survey, only 13% of employees worldwide are engaged at work. As a result, we have seen a drastic increase in organizations offering creative incentives, benefit plans, and flex schedules in the effort to attract and engage employees.

Although all of the bells and whistles are enticing, the expenses can quickly add up, but in many cases, these costs are unnecessary. Today’s workforce wants to be recognized and rewarded for their achievements and thanks to technology, it’s now easier than ever for HR leaders to maintain their focus on the foundation of their organization- their people. Here are 5 ways HRMS can help boost employee engagement at your organization:

Streamline Employee Onboarding

70% of employees that experience a well-structured onboarding program are more likely to stay with an organization for at least three years. An HRMS can greatly enhance the onboarding experience by offering new hires the tools they need to electronically complete all of their paperwork prior to their first day on the job. By engaging new hires prior to day one, HR leaders are alleviated of tedious paperwork and able to focus on crafting a more strategic, long-term plan on how to acclimate and continue to engage new employees throughout their first 90 days of employment.  

Encourage Collaboration

Millennials and Generation Z are entering the workforce at a rapid pace and expected to make up over 60% of the workforce by 2020. For these generations, a world without social media is unknown. HRMS that incorporates social collaboration tools, similar to Facebook or Twitter, that can connect an entire organization via polls, surveys, and offer employees the ability to reward and recognize other team members is quickly becoming the simplest way to encourage engagement and connect today’s virtual workforce.

Increase Workplace Transparency

Visibility to total compensation, benefits, and employer contributions to retirement plans can act as a reminder to the employee of your commitment to them. Online employee lifecycle timelines can bring visibility to all their personal events, promotions, rate, or job changes that have been afforded to them during their time of employment. PTO plans with accrued vacation time along with real-time access to current and prior performance ratings often provide different perspectives for employees as they navigate the promotion ladder.  

Empower Your People with Self-Service Functionality 

In a world where we are constantly on-the-go, working from home, or traveling, we all want to stay connected. We have become dependent on our mobile devices and having all of the information we need at the tips of our fingers is no longer considered a luxury, but an expectation. HRMS with mobile apps offers your people the opportunity to stay connected with team members and managers while also empowering your people to manage all of their employee data from anywhere at any time.

Provide Real-Time Feedback

Many organizations used to measure employee engagement through engagement surveys. Although this method can be helpful, information is not gathered in real-time. Without real-time information, HR leaders may feel as though it’s a constant game of catch up, until it’s too late. HRMS that offers regular surveys, agile performance reviews, and peer reviews are ways to offer employees the opportunity to not just receive feedback, but also to provide feedback on management and other team members. This helps to align departments, hold team members accountable, and give your people the opportunity to voice their opinion.

Creating an engaged workforce goes well beyond investing in technology. It takes a strong leader and team that specifically focuses on developing and executing a plan centered around boosting employee engagement. HRMS is a great starting point that can help HR leaders align their organization’s mission and goals with their people, but in the end, it’s what the people behind the technology are doing that drives significant results.


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Ally Edwards

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Ally Edwards is the Marketing Guru at PeopleGuru, a provider of cloud-based Human Capital Management software for mid-market organizations.

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Ally Edwards

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