Why HRMS should be easy, not messy

With more companies making the switch towards digitized HR, there has never been a greater variety of HRMS than there is today. Despite the fact there are hundreds of HRMS out there from all sizes and colors of the rainbow, only a handful of them will work well for your company. The HR software market caters to all types of businesses, but how will you narrow your selection to the right HRMS?

There are many ways you can decide whether an HRMS provider is right for your company, but one criterion you should not forget about is simplicity. When implementing a new HR software in your company, you want to start increasing productivity and saving time right away without spending too many hours trying to familiarize yourself with the new tool or money in costly setup fees.

HRMS is supposed to free up your time

An HRMS system can only help you when you completely understand it. With that being said, you shouldn’t waste time navigating complex interfaces. Your time is used more wisely when you spend it actually managing HR, not trying to get your head around it on a difficult tool.

Spend less time learning how to use it

Just like streaming services value proposition is “convenience”, HR software value proposition is “efficiency”. If you have to spend hours, or even days, training your HR department to successfully implement an HR Software, then how true is the claim that they will help you be efficient? Not to mention the rest of your employees will also have to get training for a successful employee self-service implementation.

Make employee self-service easy

With 87% of HR professionals considering self-service technology as the most efficient way to manage HR information, it is hard to ignore the need for a tool with an easy self-service function. An intuitive self-service interface will allow you to invite your employees to the HRMS as soon as possible and get them to complete their personal information right away. Only with a simple HRMS would you be able to enjoy the benefits of employee self-service without training costs, which brings us to the next point.

Reduce implementation costs

Too many HR software providers will require you to attend sales calls, training, and on top of that - charge you for implementation costs. By choosing a vendor who requires you to fulfill any of the actions previously mentioned, not only are you paying with a monetary value, but also with your time and thus going through unnecessary obstacles along the implementation process.

It’s about making your work more enjoyable

HR is already a complicated function, why would you want to complicate your job further trying to work with complicated software? The era of having to work with poorly designed software is over for small businesses. Use the software you will enjoy working with.

Start actually managing

HR software will only be useful if you can fully take advantage of its benefits. Otherwise, it’s yet another HR tool you don’t use to the fullest and no one wants to pay for a partially used product.

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Reza Madjidi

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Reza Madjidi, co-founder of kiwiHR is responsible for business development and sales. With over 10 years of experience in HR software, he is always up to share his proven track record and industry expertise with kiwiHR customers.

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Reza Madjidi

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