HRMS Attendance: Never Miss A Punch

At every level companies deal with issues surrounding attendance and timekeeping. There are many ways to track time from online systems to punch clocks. Even exempt employees who are paid differently than hourly workers have to be responsible for being on time and working the requisite hours each day.

An HRMS is the easiest way to deal with these issues on a technological level. The systems allow for each employee to submit their hours and for those hours to be approved by the manager before being sent to payroll. HRMS attendance functionality allows managers and HR to see any discrepancies in the employees schedule and solve problems immediately.

Beyond these issues, there are several other potential problems that HRMS attendance and time management can solve;

Poor Integration

Without a full HRMS in place, it is possible that data will be lost between each of the steps from timekeeping to payroll. Information throughout the process should be available for the employee, the manager and Human Resources. For instance; if the individual processing payroll is unaware that an employee has been terminated an incorrect final payment may be processed.

Missed Punches

Old fashioned punch clocks were subject human error. It was pretty easy for an employee to return from lunch and begin work forgetting to stop by the time clock to punch in. By the time error was realized it may have been the end of the shift. A manager would be required to verify the correct time. Today’s HRMS are designed to alert the manager and the employee to a missed punch through self-service portals and mobile alerts, stopping the problem before it becomes an issue.

Scheduling flexibility

Some businesses offer flexible schedules that allow employees to start and end their days at different times. Others prefer to keep the workday more formal and wish to prevent employees from coming in early or working overtime. Programming HRMS attendance to your specific requirements will take this observation out of the manager’s hand and place it firmly, in the hands of automated technology.

It is important to remember your company’s specific requirements when implementing HRMS attendance with current HR practices. Begin by surveying your management team to determine what each department desires when it comes to time and attendance. This will give your HR team a starting point to develop a great system to answer your precise needs.

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Laura M. LaVoie

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Laura M. LaVoie

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