HR Tech Europe 2014 Preview: Day Two

This Thursday, the world’s fastest growing HR Event gets underway in Amsterdam. We will be at HR Tech Europe 2014 and will be covering all the key talks, discussions and events so you can hear about the important changes taking place in the HR technology market.

In this article, we preview day two of the event, Friday 24th October, and pick out some of the highlights of what is a rich and diverse agenda. Click here for all the highlights from day one of HR Tech Europe.

Main Stage

HRMS World’s Pick: The Future of Work In A Digital Era - The Impact of Massive Transparency
Main Stage, 9.15am - 10.10am

You couldn’t ask for a better speaker to kick off day two at HR Tech Europe 2014. Founder of Constellation Research, R “Ray” Wang discusses the phenomenon of digital transformation and its effect on Work and HR. If you are not aufait with “digital artisans” and “massive transparency”, attendance is essential.

“The era of digital transformation is among us. Five generations of workers align by digital proficiency not age. Customers expect mass personalization at scale. Organizations no longer sell products or services but deliver on outcomes and experiences that support a brand promise.”

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: R “Ray” Wang

HR Technology

HRMS World’s Pick: The Realities of HR Technology in EMEA: Research and Insights
Emerald Room, 11.45am - 12.15pm

In partnership with HR Tech Europe, Dave Wilson, Founder of Elearnity, discusses 2014 research into the current state of HR technology in EMEA and the challenges that this technology poses for HR departments in Europe.

“Whilst HR Technology is largely a global business, there are many specific opportunities and challenges to adopting it in Europe.”

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: David Wilson

Future of Workforce Learning

HRMS World’s Pick: Building the Irresistible Organization
Room No G104, 9.45am - 10.45am

Fresh from the hot seat on Talking Heads 2014 (taking place on day one of HR Tech Europe), Josh Bersin discusses how we can “rewire HR” to develop the irresistible organization. From research-based insights to practical examples, this talk is set to give a fascinating view on employee-centric workplace culture in the 21st century.

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: Josh Bersin

Cloud Computing

HRMS World’s Pick: Cloud Operations & Service Delivery Panel
Room No. G104., 2.45pm - 5.30pm

Jason Averbook leads yet another expert panel, this time discussing the challenges of the cloud and service delivery. Expect insightful discussion from the panel which includes Vinzenz Kremer, Head of Cloud Operations and Service Delivery at SAP, Aaron Ahmed, Principal IT Business Systems Analyst at Medtronic and Dirk Stoltenberg, Former VP & Global Head of HR Excellence at ABB Asea Brown Boveri Ltd.

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: Jason Averbook

Social Enterprise

HRMS World’s Pick: Growing Talent Through A Cohesive Enterprise Social Media Strategy
Room No. G106., 10.15am - 10.30am

Skeptical about the impact social media can have on HR? Let Ambrosia Humphrey, VP of Talent at Hootsuite, take you on a journey through the company’s development and explain how you can build “Social into the DNA of a talent culture”.

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: Ambrosia Humphrey

Talent Management

HRMS World’s Pick: Traditional Talent Management is Dead
Room No. G107., 12.15pm - 12.45pm

The idea that a concept or process in the workplace “is dead” can be heard throughout the HR landscape. Often these cries of demise can be unfounded or premature. In this talk, Nick Holley, Director of the Henley Business School, shows us why this isn’t the case when it comes to traditional talent management techniques.

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: Nick Holley

Labs and Executive Briefings

HRMS World’s Pick: Why HCM Technology Software Implementations Fail—and What You Can Do to Succeed
Room No. G109. 12.00pm-12.45pm

We could not complete our round-up without mentioning this “Learning Lab” as it covers one of the most important issues to readers of HRMS World. The prospect of HRMS implementation failure and how to avoid it. In this session, Katherine Jones, Ph.D, VP of HCM Technology at Bersin by Deloitte, tackles the issues head on with research from Bersin by Deloitte and the five key elements for a successful HCM implementation.

#HRTechEurope on Twitter: Katherine Jones, Ph.D

With so many promising talks and events, day two of HR Tech Europe looks set to be a great end to a great conference. For live coverage of these talks, the latest news from the conference and more, follow HRMS World on Twitter.

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