How to choose an HRMS for a BYOD workplace

The BYOD (bring your own device) workplace is a trend that is here to stay and growing. Closing the door on this development is not an option. How can you ensure that employee data is protected in a BYOD workplace? How do you choose an HRMS that compliments this working style so that you can reap the benefits of the increased productivity that it brings?

1. Ensure compatibility across browsers and platforms

While you cannot please 100% of the people all of the time in a BYOD workplace you need an HRMS that versatile on browser and platform fronts. An HRMS needs to offer robust security options so a vendor may focus on the latest versions of the mainstream browsers and operating systems.

An HRMS that only allows for a small set of technology specs will be a challenge as employees use a number of options on their devices for a variety of reasons. Ask any potential vendors about their flexibility with delivering their application and any systems or configurations that are blocked from use.

2. Review how offline data can be managed

Does the HRMS allow you to restrict user access to offline content such as reports and sensitive employee data? How does it allow users to have enough data access to do their daily work without overextending visibility? In a BYOD workplace it is crucial that your HRMS offers flexible security settings.

Use this HRMS selection checklist to ensure you meet all your BYOD requirements when selecting new software

When an employee with their own device leaves suddenly the device and all of the employee data is immediately outside of your control. What if a disgruntled HR employee decides to download employee lists along with contract details to sell to outside recruiters? Robust HRMS allows for a finer distinction for settings such as downloading offline content into an area that is automatically deleted after a workable timeframe.

3. Take each prospective HRMS for a BYOD test drive

This is a powerful exercise that may make your final decision for you. When you ask HRMS vendors on-site for software demos, ask in advance if they can provide a test link for the selection team. Request each of your users to log into the system via their BYOD to provide input about its usability. If you encounter a number of problems in this small set of users it should definitely raise red flags. In preparation for this activity engage your staff in advance to be sure that you have a variety of devices and configurations at the demo for optimal coverage.

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Heather Batyski

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Heather is an experienced HRMS analyst, consultant and manager. Having worked for companies such as Deloitte, Franklin Templeton and Oracle, Heather has first-hand experience of many HRMS solutions including Peoplesoft and Workday.

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Heather Batyski

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