4 reasons mobile HRMS access is essential for your HR managers

It’s the information age, and one clear indication of that is the use of universal mobile access to corporate systems, including your HRMS. It’s not so very long ago that anybody wishing to login to their organization’s IT had to be on the premises. Thanks to the cloud and mobile explosion, pretty much anybody in the hierarchy can now whip out their smartphone and view their paycheck or book some vacation time, no matter where they are. But the plethora of articles that have flocked to the topic of mobile HRMS tends to focus on the benefits to employees, or managers, or the c-suite. What about the people who are actually working in HR? Sure, they get the usual access advantages as employees in their own right but what extra benefits are there in terms of making their jobs (frequently thankless) a little easier?

1) Keeping track of the workforce

There’s been a significant increase in the number of field workers who are rarely seen back at ‘head office’, plus a rise in flexible working arrangements which in the last few years have seen many employees working from home. Not only does mobile HRMS access help those elements of the workforce keep in touch with the office but the office and HR can now – thanks to the wonders of GPS – keep in touch with them and, importantly, know where they are without the need for all that tedious ‘checking in’. Via the HRMS, this gives a clearer big picture, allowing improved workforce management. This, of course also applies directly to those HR staff in home offices.

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2) Recruitment on the move

The time was when HR staff would have to be ‘back at base’ when there was a recruitment campaign being run. These days, not only can the responsible HR officer keep track of how the campaign is progressing, they can actively participate in application tracking and assessment, social media outreach, pre-interview testing, handling of feedback… you name it and the tech is available to do it from a smartphone or tablet.

3) Easier engagement

When the phrase ‘employee engagement’ was first coined, the first thing that most organizations did was devolve responsibility for it to the HR department and it’s been a HR headache ever since. People who are rarely in once place for very long can be a particular problem to engage. But with gamified learning, flexible corporate communications, and social collaboration tools, mobile HRMS access eases the burden on that particular section of the HR team.

4) Less simple-yet-time-wasting inquiries

Maybe the biggest potential benefit for HR staff of mobile access is how it can cut down the number of ‘obvious’ questions from staff at all levels. With employee self-service available on the fly, HR administration are no longer so bogged down with basic informational queries – leaving them free to spend their valuable time on more intricate and involved issues worthy of their training and talents.

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Dave has worked as HR Manager for the Ministry of Justice for a number of years, he now writes on a broad range of topics including jazz music, and, of course, the HRMS software market.

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Dave Foxall

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