3 Mobile HRMS Providers that are Doing Mobile the Right Way

Mobile, mobile, mobile… it’s become something of a technology mantra and in the last couple of years, HR tech has been catching on.

At its simplest, mobile HR is just a case of employees and managers being able to access their HR self-service functions while on the move. Of course, the functionality will vary greatly from one app or vendor to another, but as a minimum, if you’re in the market for mobile HR, you should be looking for the basic employee self-service features: access to the employee directory, individual access to personal information, access to your corporate intranet (if you have one), shared calendar and task management, shared file management (facilitating collaborative working), and chat/instant messaging (a kind of secure corporate WhatsApp).

Meanwhile, for managers, the ideal benefit is that they will be able to handle workforce planning, recruitment (and onboarding), payroll and benefits administration, performance management, and talent and succession planning – all from their choice of mobile device.

So, what’s on the market? Well, by now, all the usual suspects - Kronos, ADP, Oracle, Sage, etc. - have some sort of mobile functionality available. To that extent, it’s become standard to offer a supplementary downloadable application. Here are a few that you may not have heard of…

JDA – If you use JDA’s workforce management software then you can use their free mobile app to handle your workforce planning on the hoof. Features are fully-loaded and include: management and approval of time and attendance, including requests for time off, view and edit schedules, review and submit timesheets, remote clocking in, access to reports.

Jobvite – As an addition to your current recruitment tech, Jobvite can help your campaigns go viral, vastly increasing your pool of candidates. Using the most popular social networks – LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook – Jobvite enables people to make referrals, promote open positions, and reach out to suitable candidates. The big differences is allowing users to send job invitations (the eponymous “jobvites”) to other members of their networks, greatly expanding the recruiter’s reach.

Aquire InSight – This is mobile HR analytics. The cloud-based Aquire app enables reporting on organisational and workforce trends, talent management measurement, goal analysis, and scorecard production based on chosen metrics. The resulting charts and reports are MSOffice compatible and are easily shared.

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Dave Foxall

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Dave has worked as HR Manager for the Ministry of Justice for a number of years, he now writes on a broad range of topics including jazz music, and, of course, the HRMS software market.

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Dave Foxall

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