19 HR and recruitment stats every HR department should know

As the old saying goes, “There are lies, damned lies, and statistics.” But in HR, statistics are simply data, information, usually derived from one of the endless parade of surveys and research projects. As such, just asking whether a statistic is true for you and your organization or not offers the chance to consider the question, how can we improve?

Here are 19 recent HR-related statistics:

  1. Only 9% of employers feel ready for digital HR. (Source: Deloitte)
  2. On average, American workers estimate their own personal productivity 11 percentage points higher than the norm. (Source: Qualtrics)
  3. More workers feel meaningfully recognized for their work compared to a decade ago (70% compared to 54%. (Source: BambooHR)
  4. The proportion of HR leaders who feel they are effectively assessing employee performance is just 4%.  (Source: Gartner)
  5. A little over half of all workers find that stress is interfering with their daily lives. (Source: BambooHR)
  6. The 2016 labor market was candidate-driven according to 62% of employers. (Source: MRINetwork)
  7. Despite the predictions in recent years, only 12% of HR departments are using predictive analytics for talent-related decisions. (Source: Gartner)
  8. The average employee stays in a job for 8 years. (Source: SHRM)
  9. When it comes to retention and staying in a job, only 4% of employees stay for company perks and benefits. (Source: Cornerstone)
  10. A third of recruiters name employee retention as a top priority in the year ahead. (Source: LinkedIn)
  11. Demonstrating the power of the smartphone, half of job seekers have conducted a job search from bed. (Source: Jobvite)
  12. Almost 70% of organizations are prepared to increase the salary offer to recruit the right candidate. (Source: Jobvite)
  13. Just under nine out of 10 American workers would consider a lateral job move for no financial incentive. (Source: Cornerstone)
  14. Less than half of employers have implemented a compensation strategy that specifically focuses on millennials. (Source: PayScale)
  15. In 2016, only 26 percent of employers were monitoring employee use of corporate email. (Source: BambooHR)
  16. Four out of five organizations are currently restructuring (or have recently done so). (Source: Deloitte)
  17. Just 19% of employers state that their organization has the ‘right’ culture. (Source: Deloitte)
  18. Seven out of ten heads of HR find themselves spending more time on non-people-related business issues. (Source: Gartner)
  19. Organizational design, leadership, and culture were identified as the top three most important trends in HR. (Source: Deloitte)
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