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Employee Based Systems (EBS) produce a suite of HRMS applications to support most aspects of HR processes. Their core product; the EBS PaySuite operates out of a single database to allow ease of integration and faster record updating.

The core product use of EBS PaySuite is it’s complete payroll management. As the HRMS product offers the complete EBS Payroll module, which covers pay rates and codes, tax, fraud checks and more.

EBS HR, also included in EBS Paysuite, aims to help organizations simplify HR functions through total employee management, including headcounts throughout an organization against budgets.

EBS Hire is the recruiting module of EBS Paysuite. The module is able to integrate with a company websites, create customizable job application templates and handle the entire recruitment process.

With the time application of EBS Paysuite, organizations can get access to labor data from one location or worldwide offices. The module covers all manner of time and attendance including policy reinforcements and compliances.

Founded in 1992, Employee Based Systems has its headquarters in Littleton, Colorado, with a development office in Bangalore, India. Current customers of EBS include TDEC, The Commerce Hotel and Deka.

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