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Ajiva Corp provide SimpleHR, a fully-featured HRIS suited to small to mid sized companies, or for divisions of larger companies. It is used by public and private sector organizations in over 45 countries across industries as diverse as manufacturing, retail, medical and non-profit.

SimpleHR aims to be flexible enough for use by any type of organization. The software is available in different packages - SimpleHR Express, SimpleHR 9.0 and SimpleHR Online, which is also available in ‘pro’ and ‘enterprise’ editions. These provide solutions tailored to companies of any size who require cloud-based access to their HRIS respectively.

SimpleHR provides users with a number of standard HRIS functionalities, including employee and management self-service, training and safety modules and payroll. In addition, the software can be fully integrated with a range of Microsoft software products, including Excel and QuickBooks.

Both on-premise and cloud-based versions of the HRIS are available. The cloud-based package can be accessed from any device with access to the internet. Ajiva Corp offer ongoing technical support to users who have purchased the Annual Support Agreement alongside the SimpleHR product.

SimpleHR is an HRIS provided by Ajiva Corp, and is headquartered in Destin, FL. It provides HRIS solutions to a range of companies worldwide, across both public and private sectors.

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