Three advantages of third-party recruiting


Why should you work with a third party recruiting service for your open positions? Besides freeing up your time to develop your Human Resources and other programs, staffing services offer some specific advantages. Here is a deeper look at how a recruiter can help you with your next hiring need.

1. Candidate relationships

Staffing companies do nothing more than recruit top talent and place them on assignments at their client companies. Throughout this process the 3rd party recruiting companies are able to develop relationships with many candidates. A flexible employee can be placed on multiple assignments before finding a permanent position and this gives the recruiter an opportunity to see how they perform.


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Recruiters will often try to place a 'tried and true' employee on a first time job for a new client to showcase both their skill as a staffing provider and the talent they are able to recruit.

An employee who has a good relationship with an agency is more likely to continue to perform well for them at various assignments. Working with a staffing company can help you become part of their extended networks and benefit from their referrals and relationship building skills.

2. Candidate evaluations

Not only are agency recruiters able to develop relationships with their employees, they are able to provide evaluations that can further the understanding of qualifications for the job. Every third-party recruiting company offers skills testing and many provide personality testing as well.

They may also be able to provide background and credit checks, drug screening, and additional requests for information. All of this information can be beneficial to the hiring company and go a long way to ensure that the candidate is the right fit for the job.

3. Temporary solutions

Not every hiring decision can be made quickly.

Often there are considerations for budget and production that prevent a position from being filled after an employee has left the job. Regardless of the need to conserve money it is important that the work continue to be done effectively and efficiently. This is where a third party recruiter can help with the addition of temporary staff to your work force.

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Their staffing company can provide a qualified individual who requires very little training to assist you with your needs until you are able to make a permanent hiring decision. And you never know; the temporary employee may be the best long term solution for your need.

While working with a temporary staffing company it is still important to make sure your system remain organized. An applicant tracking or human resources management system will assist in making sure that you are reviewing candidates efficiently and onboarding them properly.

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Laura LaVoie has 15 years of experience as a recruiter in the temporary staffing industry. Laura also writes about 120 square foot houses and brewing.

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Laura M. LaVoie

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