Five of the best CRM and HRMS integrations

Are you in the market for a customer relationship management (CRM) application that can also work with your HR and payroll software? Using a single application can be cost effective and will lower your training and licensing costs. A robust vendor can match your requirements on both the CRM and payroll sides. Here are five CRM providers to consider if HRMS is high on your list too.

Sage CRM and Sage People

Sage has been established for over 30 years and has grown from its roots as an accounting system. Sage now offers a variety of products to companies of different sizes across a number of functions. It gives you the option of hosting in the vendor’s cloud network or installing in your own data center. If you’re looking for a one stop shop where you can partner with a vendor who offers 24/7 support, Sage should be on your list.


SAP is one of the original ERP providers so they’ve known for over 40 years the benefits of putting multiple functions under one umbrella. SAP offers dynamic customer profiling and strong analytics in its CRM tools. SAP purchased SuccessFactors and is now able to offer payroll processing in the cloud for over 40 countries making it a good choice for global organizations.


Oracle is another one of the early ERP vendors who has evolved over time. It now offers a cloud-based CRM solution to address marketing, customer relationship and service effectiveness. It offers a strong HR and payroll options for North America while having add-on extensions for other countries where you may operate.

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Insightly and xero

Insightly and xero are two separate companies but worth a mention as they are closely aligned and integrated. Insightly is a robust contender as a CRM but what sets it apart is the strong integration that it has built with other applications such as google docs, quickbooks and Microsoft outlook. Xero is a powerful payroll and accounting software. Their applications are fully integrated and pricing is discounted when purchased together. If you are a small to mid-sized organization, this pairing is worth a look.

Workday and Salesforce

Workday and Salesforce is another instance of two different companies who are closely aligned in a strategic partnership. Each is best of breed for their area so worth a look if you need solid CRM and payroll functionality with out of the box integration. There have been rumors in the past year of a possible merger due to each being number one in their area of expertise and offering a similar user experience in their cloud products.


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Heather Batyski

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Heather is an experienced HRMS analyst, consultant and manager. Having worked for companies such as Deloitte, Franklin Templeton and Oracle, Heather has first-hand experience of many HRMS solutions including Peoplesoft and Workday.

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Heather Batyski

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