HR Tech Europe London 2015 - Day Two

After 2 days, over 65 speakers and countless numbers of attendees in person and following online, HR Tech Europe has closed its doors on the London leg of its European tour and is now already looking ahead to Paris. But with so much going on during day two at HR Tech Europe you may have missed something, here are 5 things should have taken away from day 2.

1) Day 2 Was Not Going to Be Overshadowed by Day One

Day 1 was a fast paced and fully stocked event showcasing the latest HR technology innovations and thoughts from some of the prolific minds in HR. But never let it be said that HR Tech Europe runs out of steam on the first day.

2) No Area of HR or HR Technology Was Left Untouched

With HR encompassing so many areas of modern day business it is difficult to imagine that no stone was left unturned. From addressing millennials in the workplace to social media, economics to recruitment there was an aspect of business and HR technology for all industries and professions.

3) Talent Acquisition Was a Big Talking Point

Gathering a lot of focus was talent acquisition in HR technology and as a discipline in its own right. Covering changes in the talent marketplace, candidate relationships plus the future of recruitment technology meant that HR Tech Europe had they key themes covered.

4) The Final Keynote from Rachel Botsman Was Fitting End to the Conference

By the end of two intense days of HR technology knowledge being shared and collaborated the mantle fell to Rachel Botsman to conclude with the final keynote of London 2015. And it would seem she didn’t disappoint, offering insights on a range of topics that were well received.

5) Paris Is Going to Be a Big One

Before the dust has even begun to settle on HR Tech London 2015 many are already firmly looking ahead to Paris, and rightly so after the announcement of the opening keynote speaker.

Hopefully see you in Paris.

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Richard Jefferson

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As the editorial assistant of HRMS World, Richard has developed a knowledgeable insight into HR technology and is keen to continue this development. When the opportunities arise to put his own thoughts into writing he is more than happy to do so.

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Richard Jefferson

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