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With the New Year come new challenges. In the field of Human Resources a few areas are experiencing transformations from digital to social, from outsourcing to looking to the employees’ creative input in development. Here is a list of a few trends and movements in HR, exemplified with international corporations and their takeaways relevant to HR professionals in 2015.

Agile Workforce

“In this age of uncertainty, the best hope for organizations is to learn how networks operate so that they can become more like networks themselves. In an era of fluid strategy, companies have to act more quickly – and be more agile – than ever before. Their future – like ours – depends on it.”

Peter Hinssen – Chairman and co-founder at nexxworks

Talent & Recruitment Technology

Where HR really adds value is in creating the people and organisational capability required to deliver the business strategy. This capability is a key source of sustainable competitive advantage an organisation can develop so CEOs really care about HR's role in building it. Hence we need to take a business rather than a functional HR centric approach. Our loyalty shouldn't be to the function but to the organisation we are employed in and to its key stakeholders whether they be donors, patients, taxpayers, customers or shareholders.

Nick Holley – Consultant, Coach and Director Centre for HR Excellence at Henley Business School

Barry Callebaut decided to drastically change their Recruiting strategy, make Recruiting digital and create a compelling employer value proposition and brand which resulted in a dynamic and interactive career web page. On the one hand, the burning platform was the business need to improve the overall Recruiting quality, on the other hand, the digital solution should significantly decrease the existing Recruiting costs. More specifically, it’s Barry Callebauts goal to reduce dependency on Recruiting agencies, improve service levels and upskill the HR function by installing strong Recruiting CoEs. This will result in a reduced time to hire, an increased retention rate of newly hired talent and an external Talent Pool, fully maintained by Barry Callebaut. Nowadays, Barry Callebaut can rely on globally harmonized Recruiting processes, trained Recruiting CoEs (globally and regionally), an HR Cloud Solution to support the Recruiting process end-to-end, a renewed career page and an integrated job board solution leveraging social media.

Barbara Becker – Chief Human Resources Officer at Barry Callebaut

Social Media in the Modern Workplace

But IT projects, many of which never deliver, have at least made people sit down and think about what it is they are trying to do in the first place. I think it is all about thinking harder about what we are trying to do rather than getting busy or being seduced by the latest technology.

Euan Semple – Author, speaker, and executive coach.

Future of Workforce Learning

“BBC I Did It is an innovation pilot for BBC Knowledge & Learning that seeks to capture our users' informal learning - on, online, in their homes and in the wider world. At the heart of the project is Tin Can or Experience Open Source API, which means that learning recorded via I Did It can be shared with other Learning Record Stores to build a complete picture of a user’s lifelong learning. The use of open source API in this pilot also examines future proofing BBC Learning’s digital products like the newly launched iWonder Guides. I Did It is the result of over a year of collaborative work with digital creatives and e-learning experts on both sides of the Atlantic, with BBC Learning, BBC Future Media and Bupa in the UK, and Rustici Software in the US. The project is sponsored by the BBC's £1m digital innovations programme, Connected Studio, which develops a select number of ideas into pilots each year with the aim of launching them into the BBC’s digital platforms of tomorrow.”

Victoria Sorzano – Interactive Editor at BBC

HR Analytics

“Excel is great and we have created many reports/ analysis with great enthusiasm. However the management part of the excel world is not that easy, and often senior analysts have done their analysis on different baselines. The prerequisite for doing excellent HR analysis are 1) Solid baseline, 2) High quality of HR Masterdata 3) Understanding and awareness of the content and finally 4) appropriate tools. The Journey: In 2009, we started focusing on the quality of HR Master Data, and we (re)implemented SAP HCM worldwide in all LEGO sites. We did HR BW implementation in 2012, and in 2015 a Hana based solution is implemented for all functional areas in The LEGO Group, including a transformation / (re)implementation of HR reports / Analytics”

Morten Østergaard Pedersen – Senior Director at LEGO Company

Social Employee Advocacy

As we become more and more digital an organization and as we also become further globalized, how we communicate and collaborate are likewise being transferred or expressed in the digital medium through social tools, videoconferencing, texting and more, and with more people in different locations or differing backgrounds.

We have to look beyond just organization culture alone, or generations alone, or national cultures alone, but all of them together and more. And we have to understand that this culture DNA is individual pragmatic. To develop cooperation with others and to collaborate, you need to understand what you have in common. This is the chimera of collaboration culture composed of elements from many different segments of culture and between people.

Then you should look to understand the imperfections of digital communications and how they refract meaning and understanding between people like a prism. The goal is to help people develop an understanding how we think and what we mean, so we can understand how to work in common. And for the leaders in a company to find the best ways to facilitate and accelerate this across groups in and beyond the organization.

Rawn Shah – Director & Social Business Architect at Rising Edge

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