10 Defining Images from the 2013 HR Technology Conference

This week saw the descent of the HR technology masses on the Fabulous Las Vegas, for a veritable feast of the latest research and knowledge from the HR technology market. We have put together a gallery of the best photos from the conference so you can re-live all the defining moments.

The Conference Floor….

Photo Credit @HRTechConf

Photo Credit @HRTechConf

The Setting….

Photo Credit @bertranddussert

Photo Credit @CornerstoneInc

The Naomi Bloom Meeting Room….

Photo Credit @lruettimann

The Parties….

Photo Credit @HRTechConf

The Farwell….

Photo Credit @marksmithvr

Photo Credit @WPacholl


Photo Credit @mgillet

And Finally…..John Sumser’s Shoes…..

These kicked up quite a storm of positivity within the HR technology Twitter community. Even sparking the idea that men’s shoes were the real trend of the 2013 HR Technology Conference. Steve Boese and recruitment technology company WePow also got in on the act.

Photo Credit @JohnSumser

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