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Ascentis, based in Washington state U.S., are providers of web-based HRMS software in the form of the company’s Ascentis HR product. Ascentis launched the Ascentis HR system in 1994 for small and medium-sized businesses. In 2007 Ascentis HR was merged with the payroll system developed by EBS OnLine to form a fully-integrated HRMS system. Since this integration, Ascentis has expanded the HRMS functionality through the addition of add-on modules.

Ascentis release software updates for their products several times a year - these updates are informed by customer feedback, government regulations and planned improvements. Customers of Ascentis are notified of these releases immediately.

To complement the software products offered by Ascentis, the company provides software training in the form of HR workshops and software classes in HR and payroll. The company also offers clients live web support allowing remote troubleshooting of software problems.

Clients of Ascentis include lifestyle brand, Francis Ford Coppola Presents, and management and technology services company, Calibre.

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