The Zenefits HRMS solution is a web-based application that aims to automate most HR processes. The Zenefits solution allows organisations to manage the employee life cycle through a single interface with the aim of minimum paperwork.

Zenefits payroll management module organizes automatic pay runs, tax filing, hiring and employee departures and instant updating should a member of staff move, take a holiday or receive promotion. The system manages time and attendance through one-click clocking in as well as manager and employee portals.

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Zenefits operates with a free model, gaining revenue from partnered benefits providers. Zenefits allows a user to manage third party processes from within its online dashboard, meaning that a company can keep existing benefits and payroll systems, and integrate with Zenefits.

Being entirely web-based allows it to be used across both PC and Mac environments. The system can be accessed on a mobile device via a web app and Zenefits also have mobile apps on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Zenefits has its headquarters in San Francisco, the system was launched in 2013 with the backing of $580 million from a group of eight major investment partners. Current customers of Zenefits include Logic Monitor, urbana and the non-profit; Colorado Outward Bound School.

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