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    iCON, from Unicorn HRO, is a web-based system designed with the employee in mind. The software has been designed for us...View profile

iCON, from Unicorn HRO, is a software system developed to help employers retain and develop their employees. The HRMS is used in the healthcare, hospitality, legal, manufacturing, transportation and educational sectors.

The system includes modules allowing specified users to enter and store data and profiles for all staff. Employees are able to access the system through a web portal to maintain or update their profiles, view their corporate benefit plans, payroll information as well as to enter, amend and update time and absence information. The payroll module also allows deductions to be automatically calculated and processed.

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The Unicorn HRO iCON system can also be integrated with existing payroll and wage systems. The system can also handle employee onboarding, learning and development, performance appraisals, plus compliance, legislation and HR workflows.

Unicorn HRO iCON is a cloud-based solution which also handles all backups and recoveries. It is accessed through a web browser and can be used on both smartphones and tablets. The platform is also partnered with EMPINFO helping employers automate the process of responding to employment and income verification from external sources.

Unicorn HRO has been operating since 1982 and has focused solely on providing software for HR and payroll teams. More than 800 companies around the world utilize the software and they are headquartered in Florham Park, New Jersey.

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