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Optimum HRIS, from Optimum Solutions, is a system dedicated to supporting payroll, HR, and time and attendance processes. Optimum offers convenience by combining all HR modules with one dedicated database as well as flexibility and dedicated support.

Optimum’s HRIS applications are modular, meaning that a company can select specific elements rather than installing an entire system. Optimum HRIS is a suite of applications covering HR, time and attendance and payroll from a single database. This allows a user to access up to date records via any of the HRMS modules.

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Features of Optimum HRIS include the cross-function reporting tool that stems from the one database linking each module together. Users of Optimum HRIS also get access to the dedicated in-house training and support as well as flexible deployment options and configurations.

Installable as either an in-house server solution or as a cloud-based system, access to Optimum HRIS is available via a web browser and includes some mobile capabilities within the time and attendance module.

Headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, Optimum Solutions completed its first payroll installation in 1989. Customers of Optimum Solutions include Quickway Carriers, the Lancaster Glass Corporation and the Rose Packing Company.

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