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Mitrefinch HRMS is a system is based on time and attendance, designed to improve productivity and increase efficiencies through saving time and financial resources.

A series of customizable reports give HR departments the power to analyse any part of an HR process including pay and contract details, training and development qualifications on individuals as well as to schedule and store performance appraisals and reviews. Each appraisal can be customised and when one is due, both the supervisor and employee are notified. Mitrefinch users can also upload details of applicants through a single portal which allows organisations to compare applicants against each other.

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Employees can use the system to clock in and out, note and explain absences, request holidays or other time off and swap shifts with colleagues. Furthermore, employees can also view their remaining holiday entitlements. Managers are notified when time and attendance process violates company policies or results in costs going over budget before these have a negative impact on the organisation.

The system is available as a cloud-based solution and can be accessed from smartphones and tablets. Mobile versions of Mitrefinch allow both supervisor and employee access to clocking in/out services as well as SMS clocking in. The GPS feature also allows employers to track employee movements and idle time.

Mitrefinch has been operating in the US since 2009, serving customers worldwide. Users of Mitrefinch include Chemprene, Sappi, Campbells and Lahey Health.

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