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Ignite Technologies is the vendor of the NuView HRMS software suite, a product that provides a single HR system for companies. The full software suite encompasses core HR processes, talent management and payroll.

The NuView human capital management suite address all of the core areas of an HR department including succession management, reporting and workflows. A talent management module allows organisations to work with individual employees to improve performance, provide suitable training and development opportunities, plus recruitment management. Full payroll functions are also supported through NuView.

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The system is a web-based, single sign-on solution which standardises and simplifies the collection and management of all data related to employees across an organisation. It aggregates all employee records providing managers and HR departments with a single view of a staff member’s record, further enhanced by analytics and reporting functions.

The system is cloud-based, giving both managers and staff access to the system through a browser and on both smartphones and tablets. Access is granted to the system at three levels; manager, employee and job candidate.

Ignite Technologies was founded in 2000 and was acquired by ESW Capital in 2013. The company has its headquarters in Austin, Texas. Users of NuView HRMS include On Process Technology, Geosyntec Consultants and the Mental Health Center of Denver.

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